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American Medical Resource Institute

Illinois law entitles it's citizens the opportunity to receive a concealed carry license. Following submission of the application and background check, citizens who would like to be able to legally carry a handgun concealed may do so after receiving Illinois State Police approved training. AMRI's Firearms Training Program curriculum is approved by the Illinois State Police and designed by nationally certified tactical firearms educators with real life firearms expertise and experience.

There are many reasons why Illinois citizens are excited about the ability to protect themselves. Historically, many law-abiding citizens have been seen as vulnerable by predatory criminals, and they have found themselves over-powered and victimized. Thousands are employed in professions such as real estate, showing vacant homes to strangers at odd hours and in potentially dangerous locations. More commonly, parents are often the first-line of defense for their families. As unpleasant and uncommon as it is, anyone is potential victim of social violence. Robberies and home invasions plague all neighborhoods.

No responsible person seeks violence. Having to use deadly force to save innocent life is an unwanted option. However, life does not always afford us the option of our choice in an unexpected emergency. Through high quality training, practice and periodic review, every qualified adult can safely handle, and if needed, properly use a firearm for defense of life.

AMRI has been providing high-quality professional education for almost 35 years. We are experts at not only imparting knowledge, but helping our students convert the knowledge into a framework which supports accurate and safe decisions which need to be made under pressure. AMRI's faculty brings a diverse range of training and experience including: nationally certified law enforcement firearms instructors; adult educators; legal educators; trauma medicine educators; tactical/medical instructors; and, nationally certified Public Safety Officers. Our faculty are members of, or participants in organizations including International Association of Law Enforcement Firearm Instructors; International Law Association of Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers; National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Division; International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association, the International School of Tactical Medicine; and, the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement. Each member of the AMRI team keeps current through ongoing training, re-qualification and networking.

"I was so afraid of guns before I took the AMRI basic pistol course. Now I am totally comfortable with my Glock. The safety issues were covered so well! After I finished my course and went to the range with my husband, he signed up to take a course too. I was appreciative of the professionalism of the staff, and the total quality of the program."

L. Times, Grayslake, IL

"What a tremendous program. I took AMRI's course because after taking a "course" run by my local gun range I was shocked at what the "instructor" didn't know. (squat) I investigated and found that most of the courses in my area were taught by totally unqualified instructors (in my estimation) who had never carried a gun professionally in their lives. The AMRI instructor who did my course had over 30 years of REAL experience, and eagerly imparted so much information which I needed. Students beware!!!!! Before wasting your money and time, take your course with American Medical Resource Institute. I assure you that you will be satisfied.

GMM, Kildeer, IL

"Because I am a former Marine, I didn't think I'd be too challenged by this course. What I found was tons of good info, and top notch firearm training. Great class!!!"

P.S. My instructor was awesome!!!

Jim S.

Lake Bluff, IL

"The faculty did a great job! I learned a great deal and feel good with what I learned and my ability for carry a weapon safely."


Libertyville, IL

"Great course! So glad I took it with AMRI."


Kildeer, IL


Mike C.

Barrington, IL