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American Medical Resource Institute

At American Medical Resource Institute, we are focused on providing firearm training services with an emphasis on total safety. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Although AMRI's goal for each of our students is to excel in shooting and personal defense, safety is our first and most important concern. Just as driving a motor vehicle requires extensive instruction, both driving and proper firearm use require the highest levels of awareness and safety. Throughout your entire education and training experience with AMRI, safety will be addressed in every module and with every exercise.

Why Us?

  • 35 years of extensive experience in adult professional education.
  • a program that focuses on the participant's ability to not only know what to do...but how it do it safely and effectively.
  • a program focused on the needs of everyday folks, at home, in the work environment as well as their community.
  • a course designed to supply life-saving training for dealing with firearm related injuries.
  • emphasis on safety for the CCL holder and his/her family and community.
  • taught by professional faculty with real handgun defense training and experience.