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AMRI Public Safety

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We are proud to present a comprehensive outline of our Concealed Carry course, including the program rules for all our firearm courses.

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Course Outline

We at AMRI Public Safety is proud to present a comprehensive outline of our Concealed Carry course. This page also includes the program rules for all our firearm courses. For more information, please contact us in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

Table of Contents

I. Firearm safety

II. Firearm and ammunition construction

III. Firearm implementation (how to)

   a. stance

   b. sights

   c. trigger manipulation

IV. Concealment methodology

V. Movement and transportation of firearms (pursuant to Illinois law)

VI. Dry-fire exercises

   a. with inert guns

   b. with laser guns

VII. Review of live-fire range rules

VIII. Explanation and review of Illinois' CCL qualification requirements (complete review of the Act)

IX. Legal issues

   a. Illinois law related to Concealed Carry License

   b. Illinois law related to lawful use of        force and self defense

   c. applicable federal law

   d. applicable civil law considerations

   e. insurance

X. Emergency medical care for gunshot related injuries *free CPR course is available to all students upon request

XI. Interfacing with law enforcement

   a. in a motor vehicle

   b. in the community

   c. in an emergency situation

XII. Storage of firearms

   a. at home

   b. in the community

   c. at home/business

XIII. Misc. issues

   a. children and firearms

   b. alcohol/other intoxicants and                 firearms

   c. where you cannot carry a firearm         even with a valid CCL

   d. mindset

   e. preserving skills

   f. predicting situations

   g. de-escalation of violence

   h. human relations and conflict                   resolution

IXX. Live-fire range

   a. safety briefing

   b. instructions

   c. live-fire practice

   d. state-required qualification

Program Rules

  1. Any personal firearm brought to a course MUST be inspected by the Instructor BEFORE entering the classroom.
  2. Ammunition is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED except at the range. There are NO exceptions.
  3. No student participating in a live-fire exercise may have alcohol on board or be taking a medication which impedes performance and/or judgement (pain medications, tranquilizers, etc.). Check with your instructor if you are unsure.
  4. AMRI Public Safety reserves the right to dismiss any student who disregards basic safety rules.

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