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AMRI Public Safety

Your Feedback Matters

At AMRI Public Safety, we do our best to address your concerns in the quickest and most understandable manner.

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At AMRI Public Safety, we do our best to address your concerns in the quickest and most understandable manner. Featured on this page are the answers to frequently-asked questions of our clients regarding our Concealed Carry courses. For other queries not found on this page, contact us in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

What is the purpose of the education requirement imposed by the State of Illinois in order to apply for an Illinois Concealed Carry License (CCL)?

Just as those seeking an Illinois Driver’s license are required to complete specific educational requirements, CCL applicants must do the same. Both motor vehicles and firearms require certain knowledge, skill, and judgment. Because of the serious implication of firearms in a free-society, those exercising their legal right to Concealed Carry must do so in the context of high-level training with special emphasis on safety.

Why are AMRI courses well-suited to persons intending on obtaining an Illinois CCL?

Each member of the AMRI faculty brings years of experience related to firearm training, use and safety. Backgrounds include the following:

  • Adult Professional Education
  • Law Enforcement Training (Federal and State)
  • Certified Public Safety Officers
  • NRA Pistol Instructors
  • NRA Law Enforcement Pistol/Shotgun Instructors
  • NRA Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructors
  • Legal Educators
  • Explosives Training (Dept. of Homeland Security)
  • Campus First Responders
  • Tactical Medical Operators
  • Tactical/Medical Instructors
  • Glock Armorers

Is the goal of this course to make me a “safe gun-fighter?”

There is no such thing as a “safe” active gun situation. AMRI programs are geared to teach personal awareness with the motto “the best gun-fight is the one that is avoided”. Having to use deadly force to protect the lives of you or others is a statistically rare event. However, so is getting killed in a car crash. Why do we wear seat belts? Obviously to protect us if an unexpected crash should occur.

The same applies for Concealed Carry. Safety through excellent training, good planning and skill practice reduce your chance of being a victim, but also make Concealed Carry a less likely venue for errors.

Do I need to bring my own gun to an AMRI course?

No, AMRI can provide you with an appropriate firearm to use for training and qualification. There is no extra charge (rental fee) involved. AMRI Instructors can also assist you in selecting a personal firearm. If you have a firearm, we encourage you to use it for the course and qualification activities.

I have an AR-15 carbine that I use for defense. Can I use this for my IL Concealed Carry training?

The Illinois Concealed Carry law authorizes handguns only. Although a carbine is a very effective defense tool for home or business, it cannot be legally carried (concealed or open-carry) for that purpose in Illinois. Some other states issue a “concealed weapons permit” that authorizes weapons other than just handguns.

Understanding of many laws are required to safely participate in the IL Concealed Carry program. Will I get this education in an AMRI course?

Yes. Every Illinois State Police approved course requires that information to be taught. AMRI uses degreed law instructors to walk students through the confusing laws and make such knowledge easily applicable to everyday situations. Case studies will play a role in the application of materials taught to your daily experience.

What happens if I flunk the course, or fail the shooting qualification?

AMRI is an education institution. Although standards are used as a measurement, they do not mean the end. Failure to perform to the State standards indicates that remediation and more practice may be required to complete the qualification successfully. AMRI does not deal in failure; we deal in your success. You can be assured that we will not be satisfied until you are successful.

What is the easiest way to get my fingerprints to the State of Illinois which is required prior to filing my Concealed Carry License application?

There are two typical methods:

1) Have manual prints taken (at a police department) Many local PD's refuse to provide this service.

After you get printed, you must submit your prints yourself. Illinois has published a warning that submission of manual prints may cause substantial delays in the processing of your application.

2) Use an electronic print vendor approved by the State of Illinois. Although they do charge a fee, your prints will be transmitted electronically to the State and FBI for processing. This is by far the most reliable and effective way to get this done. Students will be provided with specific vendor contact information, and AMRI will assist in scheduling prints to take at the range session according to the vendor's schedule.

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